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Book Review: Boy Oh Boy! By Beily Paluch

boy o'boy

Finally, a book for mothers of Jewish boys!  And not just a handbook, but an engaging, lively read that covers just about every topic that is Jewish and boy-related from bris to bar mitzvah.  From the first page to the last, Beily Paluch connects to you in her humorous yet down-to-earth style, presenting a seamless blend of information, tips, anecdotes and inspiration.

Can you help a baby with jaundice have his bris on time?  Which homework papers are Shaimos?  How can you keep track of learning hours over a Yom Tov and Chol Hamoed? What should you serve at the vachnacht? Bring along to the pidyon haben? What should a mom know if her son is a bechor? A Kohen? A Levi? A lefty? At what point is a pair of tzitzis no longer kosher?  What are the parameters of peyos? Can you save a yarmulke that’s been through the wash?

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